Love 2 Learn Classes

Classes in Literacy and Numeracy to develop confidence and a love of learning helping your child to transition to school and build firm foundations in their Early Primary years.

3yo Love Literacy/Numeracy Class

2022, 3yo class
1 hour
Thursday 11.30am-12.30pm

Your child will have fun meeting Milo the monkey and all his animal friends as we journey each week through the alphabet learning letters and sounds. A typical session includes:

  • Show and share – where the children bring items from home starting with the sound from the prior week in their own little Milo Monkey box!
  • Reading our Milo monkey story book page for the week, learning the letter name and sound.
  • Singing our Milo monkey box song and discovering all the items inside beginning with our sound for the week.
  • Doing Rainbow tracing of the upper and lower case letter for the week in bright colorful textas.
  • Decorating our Animal friend for the week using art and craft materials
  • Having fun doing a hands on maths activity and learning counting rhymes.
  • Story time and goodbye song

This program uses Little Learners Love Literacy and our very own Maths magic program following the Victorian Curriculum.

4-6yo Literacy/Numeracy Class

2022  4-6yo class
1 hour, 30 mins
Wednesday-Friday 9.30- 11am

What to expect in a class

  • Show and share – the children bring items from home beginning with the initial sound of the letter learnt in the previous session.
  • Reading a page from ‘Milo’s Surprise book’, meeting an animal friend and learning the letter and sound.
  • Singing our Milo box song and exploring the items in it that start with the sound of the week.
  • Doing Monster tracing on our Ipad and then rainbow tracing of our upper and lower case letter of the day with our bright coloured textas.
  • Singing our dynamic Letter/sound chant  and doing ‘Speed sounds’
  • Learning to blend words together using our letters and sounds
  • Learning our high frequency words used in our readers which we call  ‘Heart words’
  • Reading our Little Learner decodable readers which we then get to take home and practise our reading skills.
  • A fun interactive ‘Maths magic’ Number sense activity
  • Story time
  • Singing our Goodbye song together

In preparation for getting ready to start school your child will be taught :

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Sounds-letter links A-Z
  • Sounds ck ng sh ch th wh
  • Word blending /segmenting
  • Sentences
  • Heart words- High Frequency words
  • Reading our Little Learner take home readers
  • Upper and lower case letter tracing and writing in Victorian Cursive script
  •  Writing their names.
  • Oral Language / Vocabulary Development
  • Craft/Music/Games and Fun
  • Number Sense activities
  • Pencil Grip
  • Writing their name

Your child will also develop social skills, co operation, taking turns, listening, sharing whilst building confidence in themselves.

This program uses Little Learners Love Literacy and our very own ‘Maths magic’ program.

Prep Literacy

2022, Prep class
1 hour, 15 mins
Tuesday 4-5:15pm

This wonderful program is designed to help support your child in learning the basic foundations in  reading, writing and spelling.

We will teach them:

  • Letter/Sound links
  • How to use their letter/ sound links to read and spell words
  • Phonemic Awareness activities – rhyming, syllables
  • Blending/Segmenting words
  • Making, writing and reading sentences
  • Reading skills using our amazing Little Learners love Literacy decodable readers. These readers optimise words you can sound out and help them to learn and read other words that cannot be decoded at this stage ‘Heart words’. ‘ Australian Readers children love to read and can read !’
  • High Frequency words ( Heart words ) used in reading and writing
  • Handwriting- Victorian cursive script – letter formation, direction, sizing and dotted thirds line position.

Yr 1 Literacy Class

2022, Yr 1 class
1 hour, 15 mins
Wednesday 4-5:15pm

We teach:

  • Letter/Sound links,
  • Blending / Segmenting words
  • Digraphs /Trigraphs ( ck ng qu th ch ph wh tch)
  • Begin the Long Vowels ( oo  ee ea  ay ai and many more )
  • We teach them the different sound patterns that make the same sound in words.
  • High frequency words linking to sound patterns we teach
  • Synonyms/Homonyms/Homophones/Antonyms

Yr 2 Literacy Class

2022, Yr 2 class
1 hour
Thursday 4-5pm

We teach:

  • Revision of digraphs and trigraphs ( ck,ng,qu,th,ch,ph,wh,tch)
  • and long vowels covered in Yr class
  • Introduction of the remaining long vowels
  • High frequency words linked to sound patterns taught and teaching of irregular words
  • Synonyyms/homonymns/homophones/antonyms
  • Contractions
  • Suffix er, ing, le
  • Silent letters kn,gn,mb,wr
  • Grammar/sentence structure
  • Writing genre-narrative,report
  • We will read our Little Learners love Literacy decodable readers matching in with the sound patterns taught in the session of the day.
  • Children will take home our Little Learner readers.

About the programs

Little Learners Love Literacy® is an explicit and sequential literacy approach for teaching children to read, write and spell with confidence. It is an Australian program.

Evidence-based literacy research stresses the importance of explicit and sequential literacy teaching from the beginning. Little Learners Love Literacy® is multi-sensory and engaging program with focussed explicit lessons, games, crafts, music, puppets, drawing and much more. Its Seven Stage sequence ensures that children are never asked to read something that is too difficult for them or that they have not been taught the skills to read yet. It has Decodable readers which only use the sounds and letters children have been explicitly taught allowing them to apply their learning and build confidence. These are Australian books children LOVE to read with words they CAN read in fiction and non fiction.

Maths Magic Program

Our Maths magic program follows the Victorian Curriculum and teaches Number Sense. setting a firm foundation in Numeracy. Lisa has carefully crafted sessions based on the characters Zac and Molly who travel on a Mathematical journey with their pet unicorn Diamond!These classes develop a love of Maths from an early age and an interest in how Maths applies in our every day lives.It sets them up for a successful introduction to Maths at school.

One main focus is the vocabulary that is used in Maths so when they begin school they are familiar with the basic terms and words used in Maths.
• Number Sense Activities
• Basic Addition/Subtraction
• Groups of /How many groups of
• Location/money/time
• Shapes/ Pattern and order
• Measurement

1:1 Intervention & Assessments

Lisa Price offers expertise in Early intervention in Literacy and Numeracy.

She has completed Post Graduate level studies in Learning Difficulties and high distinctions in intervention for early Maths and Literacy difficulties.

As such she is well equipped to Assess your child’s needs and uses diagnostic tests which guide her planning for intervention.

Term Timetable


Prep 4:00 - 5:15pm


4-6 Yo Class 9:30 - 11:00am

Yr 1 4:00 - 5:15pm


4-6 Yo Class 9:30 - 11:00am

3 Yo Class 11:30am - 12:30pm

Yr 2 4:00 - 5:00pm


4-6 Yo Class 9:30 - 11:00am



"My daughter adores Lisa and the Love2Learn program. The classes have taught her to read and prepare her for starting prep next year. Lisa’s classes are fun, interactive and educational!"

Emily Beard

“Lisa’s program has been purposely designed by her to educate and teach the children in a fun and interactive way. I recommend the Love 2 Learn program to anyone who wants to give their child the best start with their literacy.”

Natalie Nicolaci

"We've been attending Love2Learn for 4 years. Lisa is patient and they really enjoy her teaching and learning activities . Through the Love2Learn program, our boys are both well prepared when they start school.”

Jennifer Tan

"I heard about Love2Learn earlier this year & I must say that this is the best learning experience my daughter has had over the year. Lisa is simply AMAZING! She is patient, very encouraging & kind. Kids love her!!!

Sharen Jassar


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