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A child’s journey with learning difficulties is best described as a jigsaw puzzle. There are so many facets to work through before determining the best pathway to support and manage their assistance. There are the difficulites in learning, school and specialist support, reports with confusing terminology, recommendations that may not be understandable or practical. Too many supports not connected ,not enough time and costly services . The ‘where do I go from here?’ quandary is a common one for parents facing these challenges.

That is why Lisa’s Little Learning Lab’ was created.

With a Post Graduate degree in Learning Difficulties and Disabilities – Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia and having experience working with children and their families at Love2learn Lisa Price offers expertise in early intervention in Literacy and Numeracy. She is best positioned to assess your child’s needs using diagnostic testing whilst also taking into consideration co occurring chronic health conditions such as ADD, ADHD, ASD, auditory processing, school and specialist reports and diagnosis. She develops a unique profile of your child using a holistic approach. As a Professional, teacher and parent she understands the complexities of the education system and issues faced by parents and a child with learning difficulties. Support, advocacy and guidance can really assist.

1:1 Intervention sessions

Lisa runs 1:1 sessions with your child to Love2learn. This is the most effective way to work with a child experiencing learning difficulties. She uses the results of Assessments to determine the best plan to achieve the desired outcomes.

Sessions are run by the term/year. Progress monitoring occurs at regular intervals during this time. At this time of the year these sessions are scheduled within school hours.

Fee 1hr $100


A diagnostic Assessment in literacy and or numeracy will clearly show where your child is challenged with their learning and how far behind their chronological age they are which may or may not indicate a learning disability such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia or Dysgraphia. This gives clarity to the underlying gaps in their skill development and a focus for moving forward bridging the learning gap. Having identified the issue we can determine a learning plan and recommendations as per current best practice for home and school. ‘Early Intervention’ is the proven way to maximise your child’s results and achievement. Assessments are done at Love2learn by Lisa and can be used to further inform the class teacher and school about your child’s needs, give guidance to goals in their IEP or highlight the need to have one for your child. They are used by Lisa when you book in for class sessions or 1:1 intervention at Love2learn.

The report and recommendations will determine:

  • Strengths and challenges in given areas with the earliest point of difficulty highlighted as the starting point for intervention.
  • Reading, spelling, and numeracy standardised ages as a basis for retesting after intervention and giving an indication of the likelihood of a learning disability. 
  • The need for allied health support and further testing if required.
  • Clear direction as to the type of intervention required including the frequency, duration and intensity.
  • Explanation of results compared to those in school report.
  • Information about supportive modifications, accommodations and assistive technology at school

Fees begin at:

  • $250 Partial Assessment of a particular area in literacy or numeracy
  • $310 Comprehensive literacy or numeracy test
  • $360 complex cases

What to expect:

  • Prior to the Assessment – a brief history of your child and their concerns is taken and reports from schhol or other are read.
  • At the Assessment session is 1-1.25hrs face to face with your child depending on the tests required.
    After the session Lisa will discuss the results with you. (Allow 30 minutes)
  • Post Assessment A report and recommendations will be emailed to you.

Advocacy for your child

Having a professional to talk to about the stressors faced when dealing with learning challenges and gaining insight into
how to achieve positive outcomes can really make a difference in your life. Lisa can help you unpack your child’s learning needs,specialist reports,school concerns and help map them out in an individualised plan that is manageable and understandable for you. She is able to explain terms used in reports, IEP’s, SSG meetings and support your child is entitled to receive at school. Lisa is well considered in her approach recognising the benefit of effective communication between home and school as extremely crucial in long term outcomes. She can discuss programs used at your particular school, interventions, importance of the school monitoring and reporting your child’s improvement regularly to you and updating the IEP and refining the smart goals. Each school has different challenges and different resources available to assist your child, Lisa aims to connect the dots between what is possible and match it as closely as possible to better meet your child’s needs from an evidence based approach to their learning.

What is available:

  • Extended discussions in follow up to the Assessment
  • Case conferences- with allied health professionals working collaboratively with your child
  • School visits to observe difficulties in the classroom and offer recommendations
  • SSG and IEP meeting attendance or guidance before it.
  • Overview chart of your child’s profile and recommendations

Fees for consultation begin at
$180 up to 1hr face to face or zoom

Common questions/concerns

  • How much of the issues my child is experiencing is due to the covid lockdowns?
  • Why can’t the school tell me if my child has Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or Dyscalculia ?
  • Have I chosen the right school for my child given their challenges?
  • Why wont the school use the funding for 1:1 support for my child?
  • Why is the teacher aid always used to help the children most in need?
  • What are full cognitive assessments and why are they so expensive and needed for diagnosis of a learning difficulty?
  • I am worried that a diagnosis may affect the way my child is treated by other children and the teachers

Love 2 Learn Programs

Classes in Literacy and Numeracy to develop confidence and a love of learning helping your child to transition to school and build firm foundations in their Early Primary years.


"My daughter adores Lisa and the Love2Learn program. The classes have taught her to read and prepare her for starting prep next year. Lisa’s classes are fun, interactive and educational!"

Emily Beard

“Lisa’s program has been purposely designed by her to educate and teach the children in a fun and interactive way. I recommend the Love 2 Learn program to anyone who wants to give their child the best start with their literacy.”

Natalie Nicolaci

"We've been attending Love2Learn for 4 years. Lisa is patient and they really enjoy her teaching and learning activities . Through the Love2Learn program, our boys are both well prepared when they start school.”

Jennifer Tan

"I heard about Love2Learn earlier this year & I must say that this is the best learning experience my daughter has had over the year. Lisa is simply AMAZING! She is patient, very encouraging & kind. Kids love her!!!

Sharen Jassar


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